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Polish music therapists are represented in three organisations resp. groups:

  1. postgraduates of music therapy training course at the Music Academy in Wroclaw, they mainly belong to The Polish Association of Music Therapists Stowarzyszenie Muzykoterapeutów Polskich (SMP), with 52 members ( President: Dr. Paweł Cylulko, graduated music therapist);

  2. postgraduates of different postgraduate training courses in arts therapies organized by different universities, recently mainly by The Maria Sklodowska- Curie University in Lublin – manager: Prof. Andrea Jaworska (music, choir conductor, specialist in Kodaly method of music education); they belong to PAMTT or to The Polish Association for Arts Therapies “Kajros” (President: Prof. Wita Szulc, PhD in philosophy) – there are 25 members in the music therapy section of PAAT “Kajros” (www.kajros.pl; www.kajros.lublin.pl)

  3. other professionals, working in different institutions as another specialists using music therapy techniques, and also publishing on music therapy topics.

Until now Poland has no national register on music therapy, but each university is obligated to document a register of music therapy thesis (master-, diploma -, PhD theses):

In 2006 the Wroclaw University published two PhD thesis in pedagogy, specialization in music therapy (Dr. Joanna Gladyszewska – Cylulko :”The use MT techniques in working with timid children” and Dr. Diana Gulińska – Grzeluszka: The use of The Mobil Model of Recreational Music in working with aggressive children in 10- 12 age (Tutor: Prof. Wita Szulc)

In 2006, “Kajros” Lublin organized two conferences on arts therapies, including music therapy topics.

In 2005 Polish journals published many articles on music therapy.

The new issue of “The Polish Music Therapy”, edited by Dr. Pawel Cylulko, will appear in 2007 on the IV International Music Therapy Forum in Wroclaw.

Delegate: Prof. Dr. Wita Szulc

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