The World Federation of Music Therapy, Incorporated (WFMT) is the only international organization dedicated to the development and promotion of music therapy world wide and was established at the 5th World Congress of Music Therapy in Genoa Italy, in 1985. The principal objective of the WFMT is to act as the International Organization for the profession of music therapy and to:

  • Promote the exchange of information on music therapy.
  • Hold international congresses.
  • Identify similarities and distinguishing features of the theory and practice of music therapy throughout the world.
  • Establish and maintain guidelines for:
    • the practice of music therapy.
    • the education and training of music therapists.
    • the ethical conduct of music therapists.
    • professional registration.
    • research in music therapy.
  • Promote international cooperation among music therapy associations, music therapists and other related professional groups.
  • Promote the official recognition of music therapy as a profession with various governmental legislative and/or regulatory bodies.
  • Promote, establish, and maintain professional publications in music therapy.
  • Promote all aspects of research in music therapy.

Benefits of Membership of WFMT

Membership provides access to the most recent information about music therapy events throughout the world, including conferences, symposia, and the World Congress. A web site is currently being developed for the WFMT. As a members of the WFMT you become part of an exciting world-wide network of music therapists, clinicians and researchers. You have access to contacts in many countries through your membership, as well as opportunities to have a say in the development of music therapy internationally. Above all, you will be contributing to the international development of the discipline through your support of the international body.

Thank your for you interest in The World Federation of Music Therapy. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

Past Conference

11th World Congress on Music Therapy, 2005, 19-23 July, Brisbane, Australia
congress program

Upcoming conference

12th World Congress on Music Therapy in Buenos Aires, Argentinia 2008.
Conference Chair Dr. Gabriela Wagner

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