Commission: Clinical Practice


Vision Statement

The Commission on Clinical Practice is intending to convey a dynamic view of the clinical practice of the profession that is effective for music therapists and other professionals who are interested in knowing the scope of the discipline in achieving the common goal: The health and well-being of humans.


  1. To expand the current International Library of Music by adding categories;

  2. To assess Clinical Practice Standards in different countries around the world to promote and advance equivalencies;

  3. To develop, maintain and expand the international internship registry database, liaise with internship supervisors and students and help establish opportunities in the 8 regions.

  4. To develop a new clinical section with information on folk music


  1. 1.     International Library of Music: Add pop category with links to music examples. Timeline: September 2013-June 2014.

  2. 2.      Assess Clinical Standards in the WFMT regions to determine equivalencies and opportunities to develop international standards: Begin by assessing clinical practice standards and accreditation practices in the various regions. Liaise with the accreditation and certification Chair and the WFMT Council. Timeline: May 2011-Completion.

  3. 3.      Folk Music Project: Send a call for papers via the website and commission members’ contacts. Edit all papers and work collaboratively with the authors in mentoring submissions. Timeline: Posting of first papers: Summer 2012; Adding new papers and charts ongoing -2014.

  4. 4.      Registry/List of International Internship Opportunities for Students: Liaise with Commission members and professors in the various regions to develop a list of potential opportunities. Timeline: June 2012. Maintaining and expanding: Ongoing-2014

Dr. Amy Clements-Cortés
Chair, Clinical Practice

Commission Members

Debbie Benkovitz (USA)
Christina Shum (Canada)
Claudio Cominardi (Italy)
Gabriel Federico (Argentina)
Natalie Jack Campbell (Australia)



Library of Music

The purpose of this project, initiated by the WFMT Practice Commission, is to create a media library by compiling lists of songs, rhythms, and music that are well-known and commonly used in each of the eight regions of the WFMT. At present we have compiled lullabies and rhythms...and are hoping to expand more genres and styles.

Learn more...International_Library_of_Music.html


Folk Music Project

The folk music database is being developed to stimulate a better awareness of musical cultures and clinical approaches for music therapy all over the world, as well as a better comprehension of similarities and differences, debates and dialogues in our contemporary  worldwide dimension. Check out the initial papers and corresponding music charts with hyperlinked audio examples.



International Internship Registry

This registry serves as a resource for students and internship supervisors in providing a point of connection as to opportunities for internship in the 8 regions. It will continue to grow as more supervisors learn of the unique opportunities of hosting and mentoring pre professionals in their daily work.