Hello all!

Writing to all of you from a quite warm summer in Buenos Aires. I will share some news from the Latin America and the Caribbean region.


It is always exciting and touching when elections happen and councils are renewed in the associations. It is an opportunity to look at all that has been accomplished in the last years. It is the time to acknowledge and express our appreciation to our colleagues whose efforts and work was done because of the gift of their voluntary time, commitment and dedication. It is the time to reaffirm the vision and mission of the local music therapy community to move the profession forward.


In the Latin America and the Caribbean Region our organizational members ASAM (Asociación Argentina de Musicoterapia) and AMT-PR (Associação de Musicoterapia do Paraná from Brazil) have recently renewed their authorities, in 2018.

In ASAM elections occur every 4 years, and in AMT-PR every 2 years.


I introduce you here to the new authorities from both associations. Please, join us in congratulating them!






Gabriel Federico



Julieta Rodríguez



Laura Sabatini


Treasurer :

Carolina Vesco


Board members:

Amelia Ferragina

Cristina Zamani


Alternate boradmembers:

Natalia Álvarez

Mariano Abalo


Account Review Comission:

Virginia Tosto

Rocío Cantora

Ralf Niedenthal

Selva Santesteban




Gisely Delmonico Amin



Gislaine Matos



Claudia Prodossimo


Second Secretary:

Alecsandra Joucoski


Treasurer :

Claudimara Zanchetta


Second Treasurer:

Heveliza Monteiro


We would like to thank to the past Councils from ASAM and AMT-PR for working closely with us and would like to congratulate and welcome the two new Councils.

We look forward to work together with you towards the growth of Music therapy in the region and around the world.



Have a wonderful 2019 ahead!


Marcela Lichtensztejn, LCAT, MT-BC, NRMT

Regional Liaison for Latin America and the Caribbean – WFMT