Chair of Commission
Dr. Kana Okazaki-Sakaue
Chair, Education, Certification and Regulation Commission

Commission Members:
Dr. Teresa L. Lesiuk (North America)
Penny Warren (New Zealand)
Francesca Rubbettino (Italy)
Dr. Baishali Mukherjee (India)
Dr. Claudia Zanini (Brazil)
Juan Pedro Zambonini (Argentina)

Vision Statement
The Education, Certification and Regulation Commission aspires to support and enhance the global development of music therapy education, certification and regulation systems, and uphold and maintain the quality of music therapy education and training across the globe through:

● the dissemination of up-to-date information on existing music therapy education, certification and regulation systems,
● the identification of a basic set of essential principles and framework in music therapy education and certification as a foundational guideline upon which localized education programs and certification systems can build from, and
● the encouragement of cross-cultural discussions and considerations on educational and certification standards across the globe. In a world of diversity, the Commission strives to model culturalresponsiveness and support the development of locally pertinent music therapy education programs andcertification systems.

● To provide music therapy educators, prospective students, and potential collaborators with up-to-date and relevant information on music therapy educational programs, certification procedures, and legal and health care policies and regulation impacting education and certification in all eight WFMT global regionsby updating and maintaining the digital registry.
● To provide information about learning opportunities around the world by creating an online educational resource.
● To uphold the quality and standard of music therapy education and training by providing music therapy educators and potential collaborators with a set of proposed music therapy education guidelines.
● To provide support and respond to cultural variances in music therapy education, certification and regulation around the world.


● Revise, update, and maintain the digital registry of music therapy
● Collect information and investigate current status about the regulation of music therapy around the globe
● Create a list and description about music therapy learning opportunities around the world
● Explore the potentials of offering a support system to established and developing music therapy programs

Education Guidelines
The official document is available in various languages in the WFMT Documents section.