Chair of Commission
Dr. Indra Selvarajah
Chair, Global Crises Intervention

Commission Members:
Antonio Milland Santiago (USA)
Devin Brooks (New Zealand)
Gitta Strehlow (Germany)
Lori Gooding (USA)

Vision Statement
The Global Crises Intervention Commission seeks to support the needs of music therapists affected by or responding to trauma/crises—both natural and human-made—across the world. The Commission facilitates communication and maintains a collection of materials and information to use in disasters or traumatic/crises situations, to inform and facilitate the work of music therapist responding to crises around the world.

● To aid in the support, communication, and dispersion of information for music therapists responding to the needs of people affected by disasters/trauma
● To send emails of inquiry and concern to music therapists involved in and responding to disasters or traumatic events around the world.
● To maintain documents, references and related research information on the WFMT website that aid music therapists responding to disaster/trauma events
● To network among music therapists around the world to implement best practices and  informed trauma/crises interventions

● Develop a written outline of content for preparing for a disaster, responding to disasters and treating clients dealing with unresolved trauma
● Compile and maintain an updated list of electronic documents that support music therapy crises and trauma interventions.
● Compile and maintain information that summarize contacts and projects of music therapists working in the areas of trauma and crises intervention  
● Investigate forums for music therapists to network about responding to disasters/traumatic events and on-going trauma-informed treatment
● Present at conferences and other venues about the work of GCIC to facilitate networking among music therapists