Chair of Commission
Ms. Martina Scognamiglio

Chair, Public Relations

Commission Members:
Kumi Sato (Japan)
Maria Latysheva (Russia)
Kezia Putri (Indonesia)

Vision Statement
Music therapy is an evidence-based, effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. The World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) exists to develop the profession of music therapy so that more people around the world can benefit. As a membership organization, the WFMT brings together professional associations, associated institutions, individual music therapists and students to provide an international ‘voice’ for the discipline.

The role of the Public Relations (PR) Commission is to:
⚫ Cultivate strong, constructive relationships with WFMT members and prospective members.
⚫ Facilitate effective communication among all stakeholders involved with WFMT to ensure optimal flow.
⚫ Advance the global development of the music therapy profession by disseminating relevant and accessible information.
⚫ Uphold WFMT's reputation in both routine operations and crisis situations.

⚫ Amplify the impact of WFMT's work on a global scale.
⚫ Showcase diverse expressions of music therapy from various WFMT regions.
⚫ Listen to and amplify the voices of those benefiting from music therapy.
⚫ Advocate for and support World Music Therapy Week.
⚫ Establish a robust presence across social media platforms.
⚫ Facilitate networking opportunities within the music therapy community.

New Fact Pages
Update about Regional Information Fact Pages with Regional Liaisons
Timeline: Started in December - ongoing

Website Design Changes
Improving the User Experience navigating the website
Timeline: Started in April - ongoing

Website and Social Media Updates
Always providing the best updated info
Timeline: ongoing

Publications Commission: Creation of a thematic facebook group on Publications
Timeline: Started in November - ongoing

Assembly of Students Delegates: ways to involve students in WFMT PR
Timeline: Started in December - ongoing

⚫ Optimization of the Social Media of the WFMT - December 2023
⚫ WFMT Facebook Group closed - February 2024
⚫ Publication of Social Media & Posting Policy - February 2024
⚫ Organization of Photo Competition for the Word Music Therapy Week 24 with Clinical Practice Chair and Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Liaison
⚫ Publication of a Video for information about World Music Therapy Week

⚫ Update the wikipedia page (already tried to do that but some problems occurred);
⚫ Create a Calendar with MT days in all countries and regions;Start the newsletter for members of the organization;
⚫ Complete the PR Commission with representative members still missing: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia and
New Zealand and the Eastern Mediterranean.
⚫ Create an official media kit in different languages for the next World Music Therapy Week to be downloaded and shared by everyone.