Chair of Commission
Ms. Martina Scognamiglio

Chair, Public Relations

Commission Members:
Kumi Sato(Japan)
Maria Linkova (Russia)
Kezia Putri (Indonesia)

Vision Statement
Music therapy is an evidence-based, effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. TheWorld Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) exists to develop the profession of music therapy sothat more people around the world can benefit. As a membership organisation, the WFMT bringstogether professional associations, associated institutions, individual music therapists andstudents to provide an international ‘voice’ for the discipline.The role of the Public Relations (PR) Commission is to
● build good, constructive relationships with WFMT members and prospective members;
● engage with all involved with WFMT to achieve the best possible flow of communication;
● promote global development of the music therapy profession by providing relevant and accessible information
● maintain the reputation of the WFMT in everyday and crisis circumstances.

● Promoting the work of the WFMT globally
● Sharing diverse expressions of music therapy from across the WFMT regions
● Hearing from those who benefit from music therapy
● Supporting World Music Therapy Day
● Creating a presence on social media platforms  
● Providing a space for networking

Public Relations Commission
Establish membership and set objectives for each year of the 3 year term
Timeline: 1st December 2017Calendar of Communications

Produce a detailed monthly plan for all PR activities and keep updated
Timeline: 31st December 2017 and ongoingWFMT membership

Increase membership in all categories by an overall 5%
Timeline: 31st July 2018

International engagement
Help to arrange WFMT presence at conferences
Expand social media opportunities for professional networking
Work with Council and WFMT members for the annual World Music Therapy Day
Timeline: ongoing

Internal communications
Share information and work collaboratively with WFMT Council members
Timeline: Ongoing

World Congress planning
Work with the Congress organiser to prepare for and promote 16th WCMT 2020
Timeline: July 2020