Chair of Commission
Mr. Juan Pedro Zambonini
Chair, Publications

Commission Members:
Dr Eun sil Suh (USA and South Korea)
Gustavo Schulz Gattino (Denmark)
Jenita Caren Rajakumari (India)
Julieta Rodriguez (Argentina and Spain)
Nsamu Moonga (South Africa)
Prof Rosemyriam Cunha (Brazil)
Samuel Gracida (Germany and Mexico)

Vision Statement
The Commission on Publications promotes the publication and dissemination of information related to music therapy worldwide. We stimulate and support information exchange between our worldwide members and colleagues who are interested in the field. The commission promotes the dissemination of information about music therapy practice, education, research, and WFMT related topics.

● To promote and share diverse research content and ideas pertaining to music therapy-related information
● To disseminate information on music therapy by using the latest multimedia, printed, and electronic means of publications
● To support the publication of two issues a year of Music Therapy Today.
● To develop collaborative projects with other commissions.
● To stimulate feature specific research topics & areas of clinical practice and how they are addressed in different regions.

● Support the WFMT online journal Music Therapy Today (MTT).
● Enhance the presence of MTT in social media
● Participate in conceptualising special issues of MTT
● Obtain DOIs for MTT
● Establish a podcast/YouTube channel to promote the work of and dialogue between music therapists from aross the world
● Develop a “hub” for information on all Music Therapy journals from across the world
● Heighten awareness about Sound Board.
● Recruit Sound Board entries and make them available on the WFMT website. Timeline: Ongoing.