Chair of Commission
Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes

Chair, Research & Ethics

Commission Members:
Debbie Bates (USA)
Gro Trondalen (Norway)
Hisham Alhadrab (Jordan)
Megan Goodwin (Australia)
Wiputh Kehasuwan (Malyasia)

Vision Statement
The Commission on Research and Ethics promotes the integration of research and ethics into the practice of music therapy throughout the world. We envision music therapy as a health discipline based in sound research practice available to all, and based on professional standards according to cultural, social, and political contexts. The commission promotes dissemination of quality research studies within a variety of frameworks to better inform the practice of the profession.

● To promote and assist music therapists, including researchers, clinicians, and/or academics, to work according to WFMT ethical guidelines and local cultural understandings of ethical and moral care.
● To create a WFMT Code of Ethics aimed to support music therapists’ ethical conduct and research.
● To help establish and/or facilitate international collaborations, which promote knowledge sharing about ethical clinical care and research in music therapy.
● To provide assistance to WFMT members and organizations to help them develop Codes of Ethics or theoretical and research publications for broader international audiences.
● To provide consultation and guidance for Music Therapy Today to support its high ethical standards and research quality.

WFMT Code of Ethics. Timeline: January 2022; Completed September 2022 – maybe hyperlink the PDF of the code here or indicate they can download it there.

WFMT Research Videos Timeline: 4 per calendar year

Promote the Music Therapy Research Forum online on WFMT website. Timeline: Ongoing

Continue to develop existing and new resources to support ethical clinical practice and research in music therapy. Timeline: Ongoing

Research Forum