WCMT Japan 2017: Student Scholarship Winners

Amy Clements-Cortes_2016

This month I have chosen to focus on the WCMT 2017 student scholarship winners. The WCMT is offering a number of opportunities just for students in Japan this coming July 2017, hosted by the WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates. There will be an opportunity for students to share their research and clinical work posters, music exchanges and performances, networking, and a free pre-congress workshop on “Bridging the Gap” between the life of a student and a professional music therapist.In collaboration with the WCMT organizers, the WFMT was again able to open a call for student scholarship applications in the first half of 2016. A total of 29 applications were submitted for the 2017 WFMT World Congress Student Scholarships. There were numerous calls inviting submissions sent in the monthly buzz emails, WFMT website postings, and on WFMT social media outlets. I am pleased to inform you the WFMT and WCMT are able to support 10 scholarships this year.The review process was anonymous. Reviewers were provided with the blinded applications and completed individual criteria sheets for each application, assigning scores 0-100 based on a rubric outlining essay criteria and providing comments as needed. Completed criteria sheets were returned directly to the Secretary/Treasurer, who entered data into a master sheet to calculate total scores out of 100 as well as average score. Reviewers did not have access to each other’s criteria sheets so as not to influence scoring.On behalf of the WFMT Council and the WCMT organizing committee, please join me in congratulating the 2017 WCMT Student Scholarship Winners (click here for more):

  • Bernadette Cajigal (Australia)
  • Xing Yi Cheong (UK studies, Malaysia home country)
  • Jessica Hariwijaya (Indonesia)
  • Thomas McGrath (Australia)
  • Lazaro Nascimento (Brazil)
  • Marija Pranjic (UK studies, Croatia home country)
  • Jonathan Tang (USA studies, Singapore home country)
  • Stephen Venkatarangam (Canada)
  • Hugo Wong (UK studies, Hong Kong home country)
  • Natsumi Yamada (USA)

During the opening ceremony of the 2017 WCMT, recipients will be honored by name and will receive a certificate denoting their status as scholarship award recipients. All award recipients have agreed to write about their Congress experiences for the Window to the World blog on the WFMT website.Warm Regards from Canada,Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, RP, MT-BC, MTAFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryPresident, WFMTSave