Call for Nominations to the 2011-2014 WFMT Council

Call for Nominationsto the 2011-2014 WFMT CouncilDear WFMT Members,I would like to start the year 2011 by calling for nominations and introducing you to our Slate of Candidates for the 2011-2014 WFMT Council. I invite you to learn more about our selected candidates’ motivation to serve on the WFMT Council by reading their statements and short biographies below. I believe that we have a strong team together, which is dedicated and skilled to continue developing and promoting music therapy throughout the world as an art and science.We also welcome your nominations! Should you have additional candidates in mind who are eligible to serve and bring a variety of skill sets to the Council, please make use of the online nomination by February 28, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. (PST). For your convenience, we have outlined task descriptions, time commitments, and core strengths of each Council position as well as the nomination procedure. During the WFMT General Business Meeting on July 7, 2011 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in Seoul, Korea, we will elect the 2011-2014 WFMT Council.Happy New Year to all of you, Petra KernPresident of WFMTMeet Our CandidatesDr. Byungchuel ChoiSouth KoreaWFMT Position: PresidentNominated by: Dr. Petra Kern, WFMT PresidentSecond by: Dr. Mary Boyle, WFMT Chair of the Research & Ethics CommissionI have joined the World Federation of Music Therapy as the chairperson of the Commission on Accreditation and Certification in 2008 and am also serving as the Congress Organizer of the 13th World Congress of Music Therapy, which will be held in Seoul, Korea in 2011. My involvement with the WFMT has broadened my view globally in bringing music therapy to other countries where it has yet to develop. After collecting information about 29 countries' accreditation, certification, and registration procedures, I brought up the issue of establishing a global equivalency certificate in music therapy. I believe that music therapy should not be limited to just a few number of countries as being recognizedas a profession. Korea was only introduced to music therapy 14 years ago. Many other countries in Asia have yet to establish music therapy as a profession. My background and my previous experience in leading such projects could prove useful for achieving this important task for music therapy worldwide.WFMT plays an important role in establishing collaborations between music therapists around the world. We should look forward to having a united work system to further develop our field. Since Dr. Petra Kern's Presidency, I have seen the WFMT making a rapid change towards becoming a leading organization in music therapy. At this moment of time, I think that rather than “changing” is the issue, “continuing” is more important to this organization. Someone who shares her vision needs to continue her successful work for the next three years for the sake of truly establishing music therapy as a globalized profession. I could be a contributor to this with my music therapy and technology skills. Should I be elected to serve as the 2011-2014 WFMT President, I will make a commitment towards developing a recognized and global organization that will keep to a standard of excellence as we try our best to support as many countries as possible for their professional development of music therapy.Short Bio:Byungchuel Choi, Ph.D. studied music therapy in 1986 at Illinois State University. After working four years at Metropolitan State Hospital in California, he went to the University of Kansas for his doctoral studies. In 1996 after earning a doctoral degree, Dr. Choir returned to his home country to start a formal music therapy education program in Seoul, Korea. His 15-week class on music therapy principles and the psychology of music started in the fall of 1996 and thereby introduced Korea to its first formal music therapy education. Soon after, Dr. Choi established the first music therapy graduate degree study program at Sookmyung Women's University in the Spring of 1997. Since then, hehas maintained his position as a director of the graduate school for music therapy and as the President of the Korean Music Therapy Association. Dr. Choi was the first person• To introduce MIDI to Korea as an international executive distributor in 1988• To open the world first music therapy webpage in the spring of 1994• To establish Korean Music Therapy Association in 1996• To open the master's degree music therapy education in Korea in 1997• To open the Music Therapy Cyber Lecture Series worldwide in 1999• To host the World Congress of Music Therapy for the first time in Asia in 2011Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, U.S.A.WFMT Position: Secretary/TreasurerNominated by: Dr. Petra Kern, WFMT PresidentSecond by: Dr. Gene Behrens, WFMT Regional Liaisons for North AmericaI have served in the role of secretary/treasurer since January of 2009. During this time I have become familiar with the council members of the organization, the structure and methods of operation. Serving in this role over the past two years has allowed me to develop contacts with members as well. This experience has also permitted me to move from simply learning the tasks of the position into exploring was to exploring ways of expanding membership growth and benefits.During these past two years of service to the WFMT, I have been a member of several different work groups and accomplished a wide array of tasks as a result. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with music therapists from all around the world. I have learned a great deal in collaborating with so many people and working so closely with the WFMT President.I enjoy learning about music therapy from around the world and over the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to present more internationally. This has given me a greater global perspective and more insight into the needs of music therapists from around the world. While music therapy continues to grow worldwide, we need greater collaboration, while taking into consideration various cultural needs of music therapists and their clients.It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the WFMT to date and I would welcome the opportunity to continue that service.Short Bio:Annie Heiderscheit, Ph.D., MT-BC, FAMI, LAMFT has been a professional music therapist for 20 years, working in wide variety of clinical settings from schools, to medical centers, outpatient clinics, private practice, and long term care. This has also allowed her to work with a wide array of client populations as well, including pediatric ICU, addictions, eating disorders, psychiatry, general medical, children and adults with developmental disabilities. Dr. Heiderscheit is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Center for Spirituality and Healing (which is part of the Academic Health Center) and has been teaching there for just over 10 years. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty member in the music therapy department at Augsburg College.Dr. Heiderscheit maintains an active clinical practice working with The Emily Program (an outpatient eating disorder treatment program), the University of Minnesota –AmplatzChildren’s Hospital, and a private practice that employs seven music therapists. Within her music therapy practice, she also values conducting clinical based research. Thishas allowed her to develop innovative research projects, collaborate with multidisciplinary research teams and most recent receive a research fellowship through the University of Minnesota. Dr. Heiderscheit is currently working two clinically based research studies, one of which is a four-year, multi-site study funded by the National Institutes ofHealth.Continuing to advance her clinical practice over the years deepened her knowledge, understanding and passion for music therapy. It also enhances the teaching and research that she does, allowing it to remain vital, innovative and relevant.Dr. Lucanne Magill, CanadaWFMT Position: Chair, Education and Training Commission Nominated by: Dr. Gene Behrens, Regional Liaison for North America Second by: Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Regional Liaison for South East AsiaI would be honored to serve as Chair, Education and Training Commission. I have had these relevant experiences that I believe would help me serve our profession in this capacity: I have been working in education, training for 32 years. I began work as music therapist(MT)-1973 , NYC, and began training MT interns in 1978- until present; Beginning in 1980 I served as adjunct Faculty New York University. Over recent years I served as Adjunct Faculty, Temple University, and as visiting lecturer internationally; I currently am Professor, Coordinator, Music Therapy, University of Windsor; I have worked extensively with graduate and undergraduate MT students and have solid perspectives of competencies needed in clinical settings; With my in-depth experiences as internship supervisor, I am adept at working with students in practica and internships, leading seminars and offering supervision on-site; In near future I will be teaching MT in SE Asia. These experiences will continue to deepen, expand my awareness of multicultural, educational requirements for students pursuing MT competency-based education, training.If I am selected as Chair, I wish to develop an evolving Educational Resource Guide that will: a) outline entry level and advanced educational criteria as are set forth by established MT Associations; b) list standards of practice and professional competencies that have already been established by Associations; and c) establish a forum for communication between educators and MT Associations in order to further delineate competencies that MTs may need to demonstrate in order to function as professionals.Short Bio:Lucanne Magill, D.A., LCAT, MT-BC, MTA, is Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Music Therapy, University of Windsor, where, since the Fall of 2006, she has been providing education and training to students pursuing their Bachelor of Music Therapy degree. She is devoted to her work with students and has been involved in music therapy education since 1978, training over 65 graduate and undergraduate interns and numerous other students. She is internationally known for her pioneering clinical and research work in cancer and palliative care, as she began her work in 1973 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), NY and developed their first music therapy program. Dr. Magill received a B.A in psychology and Masters and Doctorate in music therapy from NYU. In addition to full time work at MSKCC, she was Music Therapist for Cabrini Hospice and was Adjunct Faculty-Temple University and NYU, and visiting lecturer- Montclair State University, The CUNY, New School University, Berklee College of Music and the University of Melbourne, Australia. She lectures and conducts research internationally on music therapy in cancer, palliative medicine and on survivors of global crises. In 2007 she received the Professional Practice Award from the AMTA and received the “Top Ten Young Women of America” Award in 1980, and in 2008 received the 34th National Conference of AMTA, (Australia), Ruth Bright Award with Clare O’Callaghan. She currently serves as Chair, Commission for Global Crisis Intervention, WFMT and ison the Editorial Board for Voices and the Journal of Arts and Health.Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, CanadaWFMT Position: Chair, Clinical Practice CommissionNominated by: Deborah Benkovitz, Chair, Clinical Practice CommissionSecond by: Dr. Petra Kern, WFMT PresidentI have served on the BOD for the Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT) as Internship Chair since 2006. In this role I was instrumental in developing mandatory training for all internship supervisors and I am one of 5 approved supervisor trainers in Canada. I have written a handbook on supervision, developed a workshop as well as contributing to a module for an on-line supervision course being developed by CAMT. As internship chair I have become aware of the need to develop international internship opportunities not only for Canadian students who wish to intern in other countries but also for students who wish to come to Canada from around the world to complete their internship requirements and study. I feel the WFMT can play an instrumental role in developing international internship opportunities for students and providing that information on the website in the form of a database.As a University music therapy professor I am well aware of the competencies required for music therapy programs to be approved in Canada in the United States. In the role of clinical practice commissioner I would like to assess clinical practice standards in other countries in order to determine ways to promote and advance equivalencies in clinical practice while educating via the website “what music therapy looks like around the world”.I believe my education, 15 years of clinical practice, research and publication background and service to the music therapy profession make me an ideal candidate for this role on the WFMT council.Short Bio:Amy Clements-Cortes, Ph.D., MusM, MTA is assistant professor in music therapy at the University of Windsor. Her extensive clinical experience includes: geriatrics, adult psychiatry, palliative care, children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and developmental delays, cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s, stroke, etcetera. Dr. Clements-Cortes has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, and spent 15 years at Baycrest Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Her music studio Notes By Amy was founded in 1995 offering private voice lessons, music therapy, summer performing arts programs, and performances.Clements-Cortes obtained her Masters and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Toronto. Her work has been presented throughout the world at numerous conferences including: the World Congress of Music Therapy, European Music Therapy Congress, American Music Therapy Association, Canadian Association for Music Therapy, Ontario Gerontology Association Conference, International Symposium on music therapy in supportive cancer care, and the International Congress on Palliative Care. Her scholarly writings have been published in the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, Canadian Music Educator’s Journal, and the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.Clements-Cortes has written a handbook on Internship Supervision and created a workbook for workshops that she provides to train new Internship Supervisors. She is theInternship Chair for the Canadian Association of Music Therapy. Clements-Cortes also sits on the BOD for Room 217, and numerous other professional committees.Dr. Clements-Cortes has produced several recordings including: Episodes of Relationship Completion; and By The Shining Waters. Her collaboration with musician David Bradstreet saw the emergence of two therapeutic CDs. Theracalm and Therasleep.. www.theramusic.comDr. Gene Ann Behrens, U.S.A.WFMT Position: Chair, Global Crisis Intervention CommissionNominated by: Dr. Lucanne Magill, Chair, Global Crises Intervention CommissionSecond by: Dr. Petra Kern, WFMT PresidentMy interest in trauma work and international relations within music therapy have grown into passions that I believe will lead me to be an effective Global Crisis Intervention Chair. I have experience in traveling to another country with only prior email contact to set up a music therapy program to work with children traumatized by on-going conflicts. I spent eight months working behind the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, Palestine and obtained significant changes in children’s emotional skills. I have given several presentations, completed extensive reviews of literature, and written within the area of trauma. I traveled internationally and developed a network of colleagues, and Isuccessfully served on several different local, national, and international committees and boards. Since 2008, I worked on the WFMT Council as the North American Liaison. During this appointment, I completed numerous assigned projects, rewrote the mission-vision statements, and developed two formats adopted by other liaisons. I would again make a commitment to attend all in-person and on-line meetings.I am excited about the possibility of assuming the responsibilities of the commission and have a vision for developing a variety of reference materials for music therapists who travel to or live within countries dealing with some type of trauma. I want to extend the training manual to include culturally sensitive, non-music and music therapy protocol for responding to and debriefing when working in crisis situations, compile contact lists of experts in various countries, and develop data collection procedures. I also would develop protocol for monitoring and responding to crises that occur and compile a bibliography of articles dealing with trauma work.Short Bio:Gene Ann Behrens, Ph.D., MT-BC is an associate professor and director of the music therapy program at Elizabethtown College. She obtained her B.M., M.A., and Doctoral degrees at Michigan State University, Kent State University, and University of Kansas, respectively. She has taught and supervised students for 13 years and worked as a music therapist for over 35 years in a variety of settings. She maintains an avid interest in research design and statistics and in trauma work, with her research focused on developing emotional coping skills through music therapy.Gene is on the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) membership committee, AMTA Assembly of Delegates, and Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR-AMTA) research committee. She has sat on the Certification Board for Music Therapy Exam Writing Committee and is the Vice President of Membership for MAR-AMTA. In 2008, she was appointed as the North American liaison for the World Federation of Music Therapy. Gene has traveled internationally, attending World Music Therapy Congresses since 1999.Gene has published in several journals and is a very active presenter at regional, national, and international conferences. In 2008, she spent her sabbatical working as a music therapist in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, behind the Separation Wall. Gene obtained significant changes in the children’s emotional skills after implementing a protocol she developed. She joined the BuildaBridge faculty in 2009, a non-profit organization that trains artists to work internationally in trauma situations. Most recently, she was invited to present at the NATO Security Workshop on trauma and music therapy in Ankara, Turkey.Dr. Youngshin Kim, South KoreaWFMT Position: Chair, Accreditation and Certification CommissionNominated by: Dr. Byungchel Choi, Chair, Accreditation and Certification CommissionSecond by: Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, Secretary/TreasurerIn 2011, the World Federation Music Therapy World Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea co-hosted by Sookmyung Women’s University andKorean Music Therapy Association. I am currently actively involved in preparation of the conference as the International Scientific CommitteeChair. This involvement offered me great chances to get in touch with numerous scholars and practitioners of the world, which will serve as great bases to carry out future tasks needed by the Accreditation & Certification Chair of WFMT.I believe that I am well prepared for the position by following reasons: For past 7 years, I have been deeply involved in setting up an accreditation and licensing procedure for the profession of music therapy in Korea, by serving as Vice President of Korea Music Therapy Association (KMTA). Currently, the procedure is finalized and under operation by KMTA. Despite of numerous challenges and tasks such as acquiring commitments among leadership group of the organization, I was able to gain such knowledge and leadership skills which deemed to be needed in realizing such a challenging goal. In addition, as an educator, I have always been interested in searching for competency requirements for the future music therapist. I firmly believe that issues on accreditation and certification procedure of the profession play a crucial role in advancement of the practice in general, and I also believe that it is my obligation to continue my involvement in the investigation of this area by serving the public.Short Bio:Youngshin Kim, Ph.D. is a board-certified music therapist in the U.S. and Nordoff-Robbins music therapist. She earned her master’s degree at Temple University and doctoral degree in University of Kansas, U.S.A. She is an associate professor at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, Korea, the Vice President of Korean Music Therapy Association, a member of the scientific committee of the Korean Journal of Music Therapy, and the Chair of the International Scientific Committee of the 2010 World Congress of Music Therapy. As a clinician, she has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and other impairments. As a researcher, Dr. Kim has conducted various researches mainly on the use of clinical improvisation for individuals with special needs. Her works have been published in Journal of Music Therapy, Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Korean Journal of Music Therapy, and Korean Society for Child Education among others. She also published noticeable translations to Korean such as Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy, Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, and Paths of Developments in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.Dr. Clare O’Callaghan, AustraliaWFMT Position: Chair, Research and Ethics CommissionNominated by: Dr. Mary Boyle, Chair, Reach and Ethics CommissionSecond by: Anja Tait, Regional Liaison, Australia/New ZealandPeople receiving music therapy services can be vulnerable. As a music therapist who works with cancer inpatients and their families 4 days a week, I am committed to ensuring that clients’ vulnerability is not intensified through offering music therapy, and conducting research, informed by the Australian Music Therapy Association Code of Ethics. I am also committed to providing the highest quality music therapy service I can through conducting practice-based research, knowing pertinent research findings, and translating those findings into my daily work. As the WFMT Research and Ethics Chair I would encourage music therapy researchers, clinicians, and academics, world wide, to aim to work ethically, guided by the WFMT ethical guidelines and local cultural understandings of ethical and moral care. I would also continue to encourage international collaborations, which can promote education about ethical clinical care and research in music therapy. This would include helping countries to develop Codes of Ethics and research understandings as appropriate. For example, I am involved with Prof. Tian Gao, Dr. Lucanne Magill, and Chinese music therapy students in research on music with the Chengdu earthquake survivors, This included integrating the use of a Participant Information and Consent Form. I also recently helped to develop WFMT “facts” pages on research and ethics, which addressed the problem of music therapists presenting identifying patient material without discussing issues of consent. The work was done collaboratively with the Research and Ethics Board Members, demonstrating I can also work as a productive team member.Short Bio:Dr. Clare O’Callaghan is a music therapist at Caritas Christi Hospice, St Vincent’s Hospital, and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Originally a social worker, Clare became a music therapist in 1985 after completing training at The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York. Clare is particularly interested in translating clinicians’ practice experiences into professional knowledge through clinician-researcher partnerships. Her practice-research focus has informed over 50 publications in music therapy, arts, and medical journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Clare has presented numerous invited lectures locally and overseas. Keynote highlights include the: International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill, Montreal (2000); Society for Integrative Oncology First Symposium, New York (2004); Music Therapy World Congress, Brisbane (2005), International Forum of Music Therapy on Crisis Intervention, Chengdu, China (2009); and Mozart & Science III/ International Association of Music & Medicine I Conference, Austria (2010).Clare was Editor of the Australian Journal of Music Therapy (2002-2005) during which time the Journal became indexed on CINAHL and PSYCHINFO, and still serves on its Editorial board. She is a Founding Board Member of the International Association of Music and Medicine and a Board Member of the Music & Medicine and Nursing and Health Sciences Journals. In 2008-9 Clare conducted postdoctoral research in music and cancer experience and, in 2009, Clare received an International Research Promotion Council “Eminent Scientist of the Year” Award. Clare’s Honorary University of Melbourne appointments are Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, and Fellow, Faculty of VCA and Music.Chair, Publications Commission: TBA Chair, Public Relations Commission: TBA