Interim President Presents: Greetings - June

9b_Dr. Annie Heiderscheit_Iterim President 2013-2014

Greetings to you all,It is interesting to take time and reflect at times to remember significant moments and events. For the World Federation of Music Therapy, those significant events include the world congresses that have been held and hosted throughout the world over the years. The WFMT World Congress of Music Therapy is a wonderful and unique time where music therapists gather from all around the world and share their latest innovations and research findings. We gather together explore music from various cultures and when we pack our bags to return home, we return with many treasures. We carry home new knowledge and wisdom about our profession, new international friendships, opportunities for collaboration, and anticipation for the next event.How many world congresses have you attended? In case you are trying to remember and reflect… here is a little reminder:• 1993 Vitoria, Spain• 1996 Hamburg, Germany• 1999 Washington, D.C.• 2002 Oxford, England• 2005 Brisbane, Australia• 2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina• 2011 Seoul, South KoreaMaybe as you reflect on these different cities you have a flood of memories that return to you. I know that I do. We eagerly anticipate the 2014 World Congress to be held in Vienna and Krems, Austria. Even in the midst of planning the 2014 World Congress, we look ahead to 2017.Hosting a world congress is a special experience as you convene an international body of music therapists. If you are a WFMT organizational member, you are eligible to host the world congress. If you are interested in hosting this global event, visit the WFMT website to get the necessary documents to begin your application process. Applications are due by June 30, 2013. We would love to gather in your corner of the world.Sincerely,Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, MT-BC, LMFTFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryInterim President, WFMT