Interim President Presents: Taking a Closer Look

9b_Dr. Annie Heiderscheit_Iterim President 2013-2014

Greetings WFMT Members,Do you remember the last time you took a deeper or closer look at something? Whether you placed something under the microscope, took time to reflect, or asked discerning questions. Through the process you may recall noticing things you did not see before. Maybe you gained new perspective, developed new insights, or made interesting discoveries. This process of taking a closer look is filled with opportunities to learn, discover, and grow.Since January of this year, our Public Relations Commission Chair, Maïté Barbé, has been leading a work group, which includes several members of the WFMT council, in a strategic planning process. Each month we have a Skype meeting where we come together from our various regions of the world. These meetings have been filled with eager and inquisitive minds, insightful dialogue, and clarifying questions. The members of the work group have been working diligently, attending to each aspect of this strategic planning process.Our latest task has involved creating and developing surveys to be completed by our internal and external stakeholders. This means in the upcoming weeks the WFMT Council members (internal stakeholders) will be completing a survey to gather their perspectives and insights regarding the mission, vision, and work of the organization. Additionally, WFMT members (external stakeholders) will be emailed a link to complete a survey as well.We are asking for your comments, input, and feedback in order to continue to help direct and advance the work of the WFMT. We would greatly appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us as we strive to take a closer look at the work we are doing, the work we may need to be doing, or the work we can further explore doing. We look forward to reading your input, comments, and feedback. It takes all of us engaged in taking a closer look to build a vital organization. We appreciate your willingness to join us in this process.In order to receive the survey link, be sure we have your current email address. Contact Ms. Jen Spivey,, to confirm your contact email.Sincerely,Annie Heiderscheit, Ph.D., MT-BC, LMFTFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryInterim President, WFMT