Music Therapy Student’s Culture experience in Thailand

Hello, my name is Abigail. I’m a Myanmar music therapy student. I studied music therapy for my master's degree starting in 2019 to the present at Mahidol University, Thailand.

“International” means connected with or involving two or more countries. For example, international airports, schools, and companies. The reason why I pursued the profession of music therapy is that I studied Physical Therapy and I can’t stop my love for music. There is no music therapy or music therapist in Myanmar. That’s why, I have chosen to study this profession in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have chosen Thailand because it is my neighboring country. If I would like to visit my family, it is easy for me to travel back to my country frequently. My neighboring country also has a similar culture and food. Most of their food is tasty and delicious. I need not worry about the food as I am a spicy eater. When I arrived in Thailand, the most attractive scene that I saw is the beautiful campus of “College of Music”. The greenery on campus and beautiful architecture gave me peace, and the music which comes from students’ practice around the College of Music always excites me.

I have had the chance to meet with great teachers. They encouraged me to think instead of memorize. Moreover, they explained and let the students experience the most important points related to music therapy before giving music therapy to clients. They focused and encouraged students to understand the concepts. Furthermore, I also got a chance to meet with wonderful classmates who try to have fellowship with me. They are very generous and kind to me. I got to experience a wonderful student life because of my supportive community.

The best experience was giving group sessions at the rehabilitation hospital. In Myanmar, the hospitals don’t have enough facilities, therefore patients’ emotional well-being was being ignored. The hospital which I went to has various kinds of therapy, including music therapy. Singing together, playing together, and participating in music activities together with many clients and music therapists was so enchanting. Seeing their smiles, happiness took my worries away. I want to contribute music therapy and let the patients experience music therapy in my country, too. Although the road to becoming a music therapist is not easy for me, I never regret choosing Music Therapy as my Profession.

Naw Abigail Min
Music Therapy Student
Mahidol University, Thailand