Music Therapy Summer Camp for Children’s Emotional Regulation 2020 in Thailand

In November, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation in Thailand got better. "Music Therapy Summer Camp for Children’s Emotional Regulation 2020" was arranged at the Music Therapy Department, Mahidol University, Thailand, under safety and precaution to control and prevent the virus spread.

In this camp, music therapists, together with co-music therapists and music therapy student staff, provided musical activities related to a specific emotion and facilitated groups of children to brainstorm and learn about emotional regulation. We picked up six topics: happy, sad, angry, tender, excited, and fear. Each group of children attended three sessions in one week. For session example, a music therapist played a sad music video and asked children about their experiences when they were sad. Then, a group brainstormed their sad moment, how they expressed the feeling, communicated to others, and regulated themselves. A music therapist also asked their favorite music and suggested to them to listen, sing, or think of it whenever they are sad to get better. Moreover, a therapist played and taught children a breathing relaxation song.

I realize that the camp could not have been done successfully without all music therapists and staff support. We really worked hard together, and this inspired me so much, I was grateful to be with them as a co-music therapist and staff. I learned a lot to organize and encourage the groups using music and the therapeutic relationship. After the end of each session, I saw many smiles on the children's faces, and they made me happy. The experience in this camp was my best moment in 2020.


Teeda Rupsuwan
WFMT Student Delegate for Southeast Asia
Music therapy student at Mahidol University, Thailand