President Presents June 2021

Brief Term Update


The first year of this term is coming to a close; soon our council annual report will be released. Our enthusiastic, energetic team has been working diligently to advance the profession of music therapy. As you can imagine, our crises intervention commission has worked over-time right from the beginning. We are in the process of forming care teams throughout the region so needs can be met quicker and with fewer language barriers.


Research interviews, country fact sheets, regional liaison blogs, commission chair videos and objectives, student updates, and a journal issue containing the World Congress abstracts were all published on our website. Though not yet visible, a members-only section of our website was created. Currently, resources are being compiled so it may be launched at some point in the future.


As the pandemic rages in some parts of the world and lessens in others, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe. We look forward with anticipation to seeing you in Vancouver in 2023 for the next World Congress; what a joyous reunion that will be!