President Presents - Problems and Possibilities associated with the Pandemic

Leaders Support Meeting

On November 23, 2020, Dr. Swanson hosted a meeting for the leaders of our full organizational members. Nineteen organizational leaders and the WFMT past-president and treasurer attended. Fourteen countries were represented.

Discussion focused on what music therapists needed during the pandemic and how organizations were meeting the needs of their members. Several organizations moved their conferences online and offered them at a reduced rate. Others are offering free online training for music therapists. Guidelines regarding telehealth, online platforms, personal protective equipment, and copyright were all issues that therapists looked to their organizations for assistance.

Support for students, interns, and ourselves were also discussed. Several resources were mentioned by various leaders. They are listed below.

Resources from the American Music Therapy Association

Resources from the British Association for Music Therapy

Singing for breathing exercises

Relaxation music videos by the Polish Association of Music Therapists

Opportunities for growth and increased need for music therapy services was highlighted in several areas. The unique situation brought about by the pandemic has challenged many of us in several ways, yet has also opened new markets and collaborations. For example, the British Association for Music Therapy has collaborated with the national opera organization to help people with their breathing in long-term recovery from COVID.



Please continue to submit your successful business practices and stories of resilience during the pandemic. If you are, or know of, a music therapist who has adapted business practice in a successful manner, we would like to hear and share the story in a short video. Please contact Vivian at for more information.