President Presents: Welcome Message

Dear WFMT Members,As the newly elected WFMT President, I appreciate your support and encouragement. It has been 25 years now, since I started my music therapy career. Back then, I had a dream about what music therapy could mean to the world. I will do my best to share this dream and my passion, which has carried on to today, with my fellow Council members and will work to continue developing music therapy worldwide.During my Presidential term, I have three major goals, which I wish to implement. The first is for our profession to become more globalized. We, as music therapists, need to develop more global standard so that we can more readily expand the impact of music therapy for clients in other countries. I believe that this is best achieved by establishing a Global Equivalence Certification system.Second, we need to give our support to countries where music therapy has not yet been established as a health profession. The countries of Asia have had a long and rich relationship with both music and medicine, but the professional field music therapy is a relatively new. As the first Asian President, I will naturally be encouraging fellow Asians to establish and develop our profession further in terms of high professional standard.Third, I wish to provide more education and training resources to music therapists worldwide. This might include web-based or specific onsite educational opportunities. Our organization will take advantage of the current information technology and provide a resource that allows music therapists around the world to share their knowledge and experience with each other anytime. There are many ways we can approach this, but the important aspects will be to establish a scientifically viable space where music therapists can communicate and learn from each other.We must always keep in mind that our core mission is to serve music therapy organization and music therapists around the world. I appreciate your willingness and support in moving forward in developing our profession globally.Sincerely Yours,Byungchuel ChoiPresident of WFMTVideo Message: