President Presents: WFMT 30th Anniversary: Call to Get Involved

Are you ready to help the WFMT with one of our 30th Anniversary projects? The WFMT 30th Anniversary Song Contest is now open, and we want your original submissions. So why not showcase your song writing skills and compose an anniversary song celebrating 30 Years of the WFMT? The chosen song will be featured on the WFMT website, and the winner will receive an individual membership to the WFMT for the 2014-2017 term (for new members) or the 2017-2020 term (for current members).Submission Guidelines: 2-4 minutes (mp3 sample)Lyrics (PDF)Sheet Music (PDF)Please submit a song to Rose Fienman by June 30, 2015 publicrelations@wfmt.infoLooking for other ways to get involved with the WFMT? We are currently building our library of music and folk papers. What a wonderful way to build our growing WFMT community in our 30th year! Is your country/region represented on the website? If you don't see song selections from your country, or a folk music paper, we invite you to submit a contribution! The WFMT believes it is important for music therapists to understand the musical histories from multiple cultures around the world in order to lead to a better understanding of the many clinical applications of music in different cultures and in therapy settings. The Folk Music Project is a working platform for music therapists to stimulate further studies, experiences and dialogues for developing new contributions and approaches to our work. Check out the folk music page at this link. The International Library of Music is also a thriving platform which houses music in several categories including: lullabies, rhythms, folk and pop music. Songs are available at this link. We’re waiting for more musical histories and music from all over the world! Please email Dr. Daniel Tague, Chair of the Commission for Clinical Practice, for more information or to submit a song idea or paper: practice@wfmt.infoAs the WFMT is celebrating its Special 30th Anniversary this year, I encourage you to consider joining the WFMT as an individual member. To learn more on membership visit this page.Warm Regards from Canada,Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, MT-BC, MTAFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryPresident, WFMT