Presidential Greetings

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to serve the WFMT for the next 3 years in the role of President. This past three years I enjoyed serving the WFMT as the Chair of the Publications Commission which has given me the opportunity to learn more about music therapy practices, training and research activities throughout the globe.I have been in the music therapy field for 30 years combining clinical work, teaching and research. I have had the fortune to be a part of and to witness the development of the music therapy profession in different parts of the world. One thing I can say is that the field of music therapy is certainly diverse: theoretical and research approaches, cultural intricacies, training backgrounds, multiple languages…..which require openness, to be able to listen and share in order to embrace everybody. Yet, there are many commonalities in the 8 regions of the globe, many more than we probably can imagine. Although it is important to maintain our identities, it is also crucial to continue reaching to understand each other even more so that the field of music therapy becomes stronger. As a profession, to be able to speak with a unified language on key issues will help us communicate better beyond the borders of our field. And without a doubt, it will make us more robust to gain further recognition of the profession, particularly in those countries where music therapy is not fully acknowledged as a profession.It is with this objective in mind that I hope that we can carry on the work of the previous leaders of the WFMT and that we can increase the connections and collaborations among WFMT members and organizations.We hear a lot about the importance of reaching out and fostering collaborative work with other professionals. But I feel strongly that we also need to strengthen the connections within the WFMT. This will be one of the priorities of the new council for the next three year period.I hope to be able to continue the admirable work of all the people who have preceded me in this role who have advocated for our profession and the mission and values of the WFMT with the ultimate goal of advancing the discipline of music therapy as an art and a science. I am well aware of the enormous responsibility this role entails and I am committed to fulfilling it to move the music therapy profession into the 21st century.I want to thank you for your support and I will do my best to be at the level this organization and profession deserves.Melissa Mercadal-Brotons, PhD, MT-BCSaveSave