Spotlight on the WFMT Commissions

Last month in my Presidential Blog, I featured the Education & Training Commission. This month, I want to overview the other Commissions briefly and announce a call for volunteers.The commissions of the World Federation of Music Therapy include Education & Training, Clinical Practice, Publications, Global Crisis Intervention, Accreditation & Certification, Research & Ethics, Public Relations, and the World Congress. Each commission consists of a team of experts. The WFMT commissioners provide leadership in one of those eight areas.Clinical Practice: This commission is intending to convey a dynamic view of the clinical practice of the profession that is effective for music therapists and other professionals who are interested in knowing the scope of the discipline in achieving a common goal: the health and well-being of humans.Publications: This commission promotes the publication and dissemination of information about music therapy practice, education, research, and WFMT related topics.Global Crisis Intervention: This commission seeks to support the needs of music therapists affected by or responding to crises across the world that result in trauma stress. The group facilitates communication, coordination of services, and training among music therapists and maintains a collection of materials and information to use during current or on-going disasters or traumatic situations.Accreditation & Certification: This commission envisions a common set of ideals and principles, which provide a framework for accreditation and certification of music therapy practice worldwide.Research & Ethics: This commission promotes the integration of research and ethics into the practice of music therapy throughout the world. The commission promotes dissemination of quality ethnomusicological, historical, qualitative and quantitative research studies to better inform the practice of the profession.Public Relations: This commission aims to facilitate the implementation of the WFMT Strategic Plan, which will determine the future directions of the WFMT for the development of music therapy in the world.World Congress Organizer: This commission is responsible for planning the next World Congress in 2017.Volunteers Needed:The Public Relations Commission is searching for a member from Europe as it embarks on planning events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of WFMT in 2015. If you are interested, please email The current members of the Commission are Ralf Niedenthal (Argentina), Faith Halverson-Ramos (USA), Levina Xaveria (Indonesia), and Emma O’Brien (Austrailia).Warm Regards from Canada,Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, MT-BC, MTAFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryPresident, WFMT