Spotlight on the WFMT Education and Training Commission

This month, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and the Education & Training Commission are featured in my monthly President Presents… blog. I encourage you to visit the WFMT Education & Training Commission page on our website (click here) wherein the Commission, under the leadership of Dr. Sundar, has described the basic framework within which her team will present:(1) regional resources/guidelines regarding standards for the education and training of music therapists in the eight WFMT regions of the world;(2) an archive of current research information from institutions of higher learning making available the resources to educators, clinical practitioners, and researchers; and(3) an introduction to e-learning technologies to provide competency based learning solutions transcending geographical borders and utilizing global resources as a way to enhance learning.The Commission welcomes interactions from music therapists in all WFMT global regions on the unmet needs in the education and training areas. This would enable the Commission to work effectively while striving to create more resources in the 2014 – 2017 Council term.To read about Dr. Sundar from the perspectives of a student, have a look at this interview from 2013 by Chris Millett, Music Therapy Student, University of Louisville, USA.Please feel free to contact Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Chair, Education & Training Commission at education@wfmt.infoAND A QUICK NOTE TO STUDENTS: WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!Did traveling, studying, or working abroad change you? Do you have a meaningful music therapy experience from your home country or culture?Share your story by sending the WFMT:A narrative (maximum 300 words) about your music therapy related experiences abroad including pictures (jpeg), sound (mp3), or video (mp4) files.

Warm Regards from CanadaAmy Clements-Cortes, PhD, MT-BC, MTAFellow of the Association for Music and ImageryPresident, WFMT