Studying During COVID-19

I’m Isaac, a passionate musician and music therapy student from Melbourne, Australia. To describe last year as challenging and unpredictable is an understatement. But while I recognise the challenges, I have to express how inspired I have been studying music therapy.

I began studying my Master’s at the beginning of 2020. I had some knowledge of music therapy, but I was so excited to start my course and gain some experience. I remember having three weeks of on-campus learning, meeting new people, and absorbing as much knowledge as I could. After three weeks, our time at university swiftly transitioned to online learning. And, credit where it’s due, our academic staff did an amazing job switching to this new platform, but it was a strange experience for both parties as ‘us’ students were getting used to learning differently, and our teachers were adapting their teaching styles to accommodate us. In a sense, we were all learning how to learn again. I think ‘adaptable’ is the key word I’ve learned this year. When life steers you in an unpredictable direction, how can I make the best of this situation and how can I still immerse myself in the experience to the best of my ability. This year solidified how important it is to be aware, understanding, and compassionate in the face of challenges.

The fact that the world has embraced online technology has showed me that there are no limits to keeping the music therapy community connected. I feel grateful to have been in attendance at the conference this year with my fellow student delegate members, it’s been wonderful meeting this close community of like-minded individuals, despite the distance and virtual environment.

I feel incredibly privileged that I am safe and healthy during this difficult time. And, the cherry on top is that I have had an incredible and inspiring experience as a first year music therapy student. I’m so excited to get back on campus this year and keep learning. I’ll be sure to share more of my experiences through this platform as the year progresses.

Isaac Lizzit,

WFMT Student Delegate for Australia and New Zealand