WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates

Dear colleagues,As mentioned under President presents... in November 2010, the WFMT Council sees students as a vital part of this organization as they are the next generation of professional music therapists and leaders in our field. To improve student involvement on the World Federation of Music Therapy, the 2008-2011 Council created the first World Congress of Music Therapy Scholarship for Students, started a WFMT for Students page on the WFMT website, and established two new student membership categories.Going one-step further, we now established the first WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD). The WFMT Council sees the ASD as an innovative, vital, and integral new component of the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT). Our intention is1. to enhance students’ knowledge of the profession,2. to provide a forum for international student activities3. to facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and opinions, and4. to assist in preparing responsible, politically aware, and skillful leadership of WFMT. I am pleased to introduce to you the 2011-2014 WFMT Assembly of Student Delegates.Petra KernPresident of WFMTPresenting theAssembly of Student DelegatesWFMT for Students2011-2014 WFMT Student RepresentativesRose Fienman, WFMT Executive AssistantWelcome Note from Rose FienmanGreetings to all!I am Rose Fienman, the WFMT Executive Assistant. I am looking forward to working with our new Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD).My role is to facilitate this Assembly and act as a liaison between the WFMT Council and the ASD. Now that all delegates have been appointed, we are beginning to work on several projects to get ready for the Congress in Korea. We will be meeting there in person for the first time, though we hope to meet viaSkype before meeting in Seoul. The ASD has also been invited to a meeting with WFMT Council, which will be a great way to foster relationships between student and professional leaders around the world.About the Student DelegatesAfricaTanya Brown: I was born in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, and currently stays in Pretoria, also known as the Jacaranda city. I am married to a wonderfully supportive and incredible man, Duncan, who is president of the unofficial “VOMIT Club”, i.e. “Victims of Music Therapy” students club! My mom and brother also stay in Pretoria, and the rest of my family isdispersed throughout South Africa, most of them staying in the Western Cape. I am currently in my second year of the masters course in music therapy (MMus MT) at the University of Pretoria- the only institution in Africa where the course is offered. Music therapy challenges me every day, and I am constantly convinced of its value in the lives of the South Africans around me. I completed my BMus degree in 2008 Cum Laude at the University of Pretoria, and I also currently perform and teach music (saxophone and piano) privately. I play saxophone for the South African Saxophone Quartet (SASQ) who strive to encourage and further the regular performance of the vast international saxophone ensemble repertoire in South Africa. I have a passion for traveling, meeting new people, cycling, baking, animated films and of course, music.Australia/New ZealandTim Minchin lives in Brisbane and is in his final year of the Master of Music Therapy Program at The University of Queensland. In2010 he completed clinical placements in adult mental health and special education. This year Tim will undertake a project investigating songwriting with clients who have a dual diagnosis of acquired brain injury and mental illness. Tim’s other interests include good food and coffee and the music of Tom Waits.North AmericaJen Spivey is a student at Texas Woman’s University, USA, concurrently completing master’s degrees in music therapy and counseling. At present, she is an intern with MusicWorx, Inc. Jen received her Bachelor’s in Music Education in 2004 and her Orff- Schulwerk certification in 2007. Her research efforts center on incorporating indigenous elements and cultural traditions into music therapy practice.Latin AmericaLucila Pivetta was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After leaving school, she took up regular guitar lessons at Juan José Castro, a prestigious Music Conservatory and later at CAEMSA Music Institute to specialize in bass guitar.Her desire to express herself through music is accompanied and enhanced by the composition and vocal interpretation of her own songs. Her first CD as a soloist is at the recording stage at the moment. Her interest in becoming a music therapist arose after a trip through Perú. There she observed the way in which music provided people with the means to preserve and share their culture in a most authentic and organic form of expression. In 2006 she took up Music Therapy at “El Salvador University” where she is currently working on her final thesis. Since then she has implemented various music therapy practices at Moyano Hospital, a Neuro Psychiatric clinic in Buenos Aires as well asat VITRA an institution for children with motor disabilities. She has also worked in the geriatric and the educational field conducting improvisation workshops. In 2009 she has earned a diploma on Gestalt Therapy at the “Buenos Aires Center of Psychotherapies.” Currently, she is interested in venturing into the neonatology’s field, specializing her study in early stimulation at CEIAC, an interdisciplinary research center for learning and communication.Southeast AsiaPuchong Chimpiboon: I am Puchong from Thailand. You can call me Karn. I graduated in Thai and Oriental Music. I had heard about music therapy in 2009 but I didn’t know how it works until I met Dr. Dena Register. I was very interesting in music therapy by then and I had a good chance to talk with her and I got some ideas about music therapy. I attended the Music Therapy Workshop after that I had applied to do internship at the Music Therapy Department and went to do music therapy with many clients at hospital and rehabilitation institute. When I graduated, I got a good chance to be Music Therapy Staff. I go to see clients at two places right now with my team. The 1st place is Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Nontaburi Province. I provide music therapy for children autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy as well as with older adults with Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson Disease.The second place is the Golden Jubilee Medical Centre Mahidol University with many individuals with Paresis and Cerebral Palsy. In the future, we have a plan to see clients at the Physical Clinic at the Mahidol University.EuropeAnna-Kristina Stekl was born in Pforzheim, Germany and grew up in Bad-Wiessee in Bavaria. Since the age of seven she is playingthe harp. Since 2007 Anna-Kristina is studying music therapy at the University of Applied Science in Heidelberg, Germany. Her internships were at a forensic psychiatry and a geriatric center. During her studies, she was involved in the student representation and took part in different music therapy student meetings in Vienna, Augsburg and Wroclaw and the conference “Mozart and Science“in Krems. Currently, she is in her final semester and is working on her bachelor thesis.Western PacificCarolyn Y. K. Shim earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, majoring piano performance at University of Washington. After she returned to Korea, she taught students for several years and at the same time she began to study music therapy. Carolyn earned her master’s degree at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, Korea and currently she is working her doctoral’s degree at the same university. She is the secretary of Korean Music Therapy Association and also a member of local committee of the 13th WCM,T which will be held in Seoul, Korea in July, 2011.Eastern MediterraneanVacant