Since 2008, our Regional Liaisons have been sharing first-hand knowledge, experiences and perspectives on the current status of music therapy in Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, Canada & the USA, Southeast Asia and Western Pacific.

Watch the videos from the Regional Liaisons and check out the country Fact Pages on music therapy. Not sure which is your region? View a list of countries by region in the Appendix of the WFMT Bylaws.

Canada & the USA

Regional Liaison for Canada & the USA
Dr. Andrea McGraw Hunt, USA
Downloads:Fact Page about North American (2020)

Australia/New Zealand

Regional Liaison for Australia/New Zealand
Dr. Alison Short, Australia
Downloads: Fact Page about Australia /New Zealand(2019)
Schools & Internship sites in Australia/New Zealand (2013)

Southeast Asia

Regional Liaison for Southeast Asia
Ms. Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, India
Downloads:Fact Page about India (2019)
Fact Page about Indonesia (2019)
Fact Page about Thailand (2019)
Schools & Internship Sites in Southeast Asia(2019)

South Africa

Regional Liaison for Africa
Ms. Danielle McKinnon, South Africa
Downloads:Fact Page about South Africa (2013)
Schools & Internship Sites in Africa (2013)

Eastern Mediterranean

Regional Liaison for Eastern Mediterranean
Mr. Hisham Alhadrab, Jordan
Downloads:Fact Page about Eastern Mediterranean (2020)